Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Writing Desk

This is my writing desk, which I've had for 24 years. I bought it from a thrift shop for ten dollars. A previous owner had broken off the legs, which are still stored in one of the drawers, and built a separate stand for it. In our last house, where the poor desk never made it out of the garage, the stand was stored in an outside and shed and ruined. Thus I am using it without the stand, and it is too low to be usable, except for clutter storage.

Putting the legs back on might be a simple matter of drilling out the broken dowels and replacing them, but the bear is in lifting the desk up to do that. I'm thinking now that I should get my hands on some bricks, and just tuck those under the desk. Then it could return to being a writing desk -- maybe still the wrong height for computer work, but a place where I could handwrite, or work on bills, or organize my notes.

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