Monday, February 23, 2009

A Shoggoth on the Roof

A Fiddler on the Roof tells a dark story in a lighthearted way. At a time of oppression for Russian Jews, a poor man is faced with the problem of finding husbands for his daughters. Dire events are alluded to, but overwhelmed by the catchy songs. At the end, when the village is broken up and the people driven away, the various characters tell hopefully of their next destination -- but if you think about what happened to the Jewish people in each of those destinations, the happy ending takes on a dire future.

In light of the inner darkness of this happy musical, A Shoggoth on the Roof is strangely appropriate. In this musical, the songs of A Fiddler on the Roof are parodied as the setting is switched from a little town in Russia to Arkham, MA. I will admit that I have not seen the musical, and have listened to only the opening song of the musical, but the quality of the recording and preformance is excellant.

You can order the CD of all the songs at:


  1. Four in the morning! (cowers) It is very catchy, perhaps unfortunately.

  2. Four in the morning? No way! I just finished properly embedding the vid about twenty minutes ago, and I need to go scrounge up lunch. There seems to be something off about time in computer land. On one of the newsgroups, someone was posting from a day in the future.

  3. But that's =normal= for science fiction writers. It's the sign you are a pro.